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 Arlingham, Gloucestershire Parish Register Notes
Early Church records often recorded major events, as well as the normal Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. The following entries are from Arlingham registers, and were recorded in Volume 1 of Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, edited by the Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A, published in 1881. The spelling and grammar are as the original document.

 Aveton Gifford Online Parish Clerk
Chris Burgoyne has volunteered to act as an “Online Parish Clerk” for the Parish of Aveton Gifford. Most of his family came from the village and he has been transcribing the registers as time permits. All the photographs on this page are scans from original prints in his or his relatives possession.

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 Badsey St James Parish Records
Census & Other Records for Badsey & Aldington.

 Bath Parish Records
Copies of parish registers for most Anglican churches are held on microfiche covering Bath & North East Somerset. Registers often date back to the 16th century, and have been filmed up to 1900.

 Buittle - Parish Records
Buittle old parish records are held within the General Register Office, at the east end of Princes St., Edinburgh (behind the Scottish National Archives), but because of their fragile nature, access is only possible for special research. Viewing is otherwise by means of microfilm, and the reproduction quality is generally very good. GRO makes an access charge so be sure you know what you require before going there.

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 Calstock On line Parish Clerk
The parish of Calstock was originally in the Liskeard Registration District (1837 to 1860). There were sub-districts at Callington, Lerrin, Liskeard and Looe. It was then transferred into the Tavistock Registration District of Devon. However, it is now in the St Germans Registration District and comprises 5760 acres of land, 70 acres of water, 44 acres of tidal water and 21 acres of foreshore.

 Cheshire Parish Register database
This page lets you search the Cheshire Parish Register database (CPRdb) for specific surnames in the baptism, marriage, or burial records. For example you could search "All parishes", "HESW" - the Heswall register records, or just "HESA" the Heswall bishops transcript subset for the name MELNER. This generates an index of these names, which then allows you to access the full record.

 Cornwall Online Parish Clerks
We are a worldwide group of volunteers who compile reference material for particular parishes in Cornwall, which we gladly share with researchers at no cost. Many of us have records such as transcripts of parish registers (B,M,D), Bishop's transcripts, and tax records, as well as other data. While some have established websites to hold their data, others prefer to receive email requests and reply to the individual. All of us help people to the best of our abilities.

 Cornwood Online Parish Clerks
The Cornwood Parish OPC web site has been set up to assist those involved in genealogical research to gather data for family members who may have resided in the area. The information is limited to Cornwood Parish.

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 List of Devon Parish, Non-Parochial and Civil Registers
Microfiche of some parish registers is now available at Service Points which have been established at Appledore, Brixham, Colyton, Holsworthy, Honiton, Kingsbridge, Okehampton, Tavistock, Tiverton, Torquay and Totnes.

 GENUKI's Devon Online Parish Clerks and One-Place Studies
This page is intended for people are - or who are interested in becoming - involved in the running of the Devon Online Parish Clerks scheme. Readers who merely wish to learn whether there is an Online Parish Clerk who might be able to help them in their research related to a particular Parish should skip to the Devon Parish Listing below. If they are having difficulty contacting a particular Online Parish Clerk, they should contact the co-ordinator of the Devon Online Parish Clerk scheme, Deborah O'Brien.

 Dorset - An Online Parish Clerk
On Online Parish Clerk (OPC) researches all the available historical data they can find on a parish, records are transcribed, and in order to promote further private research, are made FREELY available to any researcher. This will include census, parish transcripts, bishop's transcripts and churchwardens accounts, overseers accounts, land tax records, postal directory extracts, church & village histories, etc. An OPC is a volunteer and should not be confused with the civil Parish Clerk appointed by a Parish Council.

 Dorset - Parish Registers - Guide Online
Dorset Parish Register Guide Online is an up-to-date listing of all the parish registers available for consultation in Dorset Record Office. For information of the first and last dates of registers available for your particular Dorset parish or church, select the appropriate page and scroll down to find the place-name.

 Dorset - Parish Registers - Index
The Dorset Parishes Registers Web pages are an attempt to place online information about Dorset church Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. It currently contains many of the Parish churches in Dorset.

 Dunsford Online Parish Clerk
Daniel Morgan is the online parish clerk (OPC) for the Devon parish of Dunsford. This means he haas volunteered to help fellow genealogists whose ancestors may have lived in Dunsford. He is not the official parish clerk appointed by the Dunsford Parish Council. For an explanation of the OPC scheme, see Devon Online Parish Clerks. If you are looking for the official parish clerk of Dunsford, the website of the Diocese of Exeter may help.

 Durham Records Online
Our collection includes all known and available baptisms, burials, and post-1837 marriages (all denominations) for the following parishes in the Easington District.

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 East Riding Archives and Local Studies - The sources we hold
Microfiche or film copies of parish and some nonconformist registers, census returns 1841-1901, General Register Office indexes 1837-1881 and some local newspapers. Local history books, pamphlets and journals. Photographs, postcards and prints. Local newspapers and printed ephemera. Maps including Ordnance Survey, tithe and enclosure. The East Riding Register of Deeds, 1708-March 1974, which contains summaries of property deeds and copies of enclosure awards and wills involving property. Parish and nonconformist records. Archives of the Quarter and Petty Sessions courts and the police. Records relating to local authorities, workhouses, hospitals and schools. Landed estates and families papers. Solicitors and business archives Records of societies, clubs and local organisations.

 Ermington Parish Online
The concept of an Online Parish Clerk (OPC) involves identifying volunteers, who will act as a focus for gathering together transcriptions and name indexes related to that parish for which they are OPC. The notion of Online Parish Clerks should in no way be confused with that of the official (i.e Parish Council-appointed) Parish Clerks. All OPCs are unpaid volunteers who are willing to assist others in their genealogical research.

 Essex Parish Lookup
Essex Parishes in the 1841 Census - This is a quick reference to the entire 1841 census for Essex. Once you have found the parish, go to the Hundreds Listing for the 1841 census transcription.

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 The Hundred of Frome Parish Records
This consisted of the parishes of Beckington, Berkley, Cloford, Elm, Frome Selwood, Laverton, Lullington, Marston Bigot, Nunney, Orchardleigh, Rode (Road), Rodden, Standerwick, Wanstrow, Whatley and Woolverton. It also included the adjacent Liberties of East Cranmore, Leigh upon Mendip, Mells and Witham Friary and the Peculiar of Buckland Dinham

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 Hampshire Family History - Parish Registers
This is an Excellent Site for for Hampshire History & Parish Register Transcripts.

 Harford Online Parish Clerk Pages
The Harford Parish OPC web site has been set up to assist those involved in genealogical research to gather data for family members who may have resided in the area. The information is limited to Harford Parish.

 High Littleton & Hallatrow History and Parish Records
High Littleton and its hamlet Hallatrow are located in the unitary authority of Bath and North East Somerset and straddle both the A39 and A37. For over 15 years Michael Browning researched the history of High Littleton parish. This web site has been built around much of the fruits of his labours and should be of benefit to both family and local historians.

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 Isle of Man - Parish Records
Thomas Cromwell issued an order to the English Church in 1538 requiring that a record be kept of the christenings, marriages and burials in each parish. This act and any subsequent act until the marriage act of 1757, did not specify what form this entry should take - thus the considerable variation seen both between parishes and between the clergy. It is often worth examining a few years records to see if any patern is followed e.g. the Maughold registers c.1715 leave blank the the column indicating parish of residence unless the party comes from another parish - thus allowing a reasonable imputation of a parish residency. The early records often included much incidental material - sections of these were often included in parish histories etc., some of these are referenced later.

 The Church of Ireland Genealogy and Family History
The archives of the Church of Ireland, and particularly parochial registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials, are a primary source for genealogists and family historians. Although many registers were destroyed in the past, especially in the fire in the Public Record Office of Ireland in 1922, many others have survived in a number of custodies and are available to researchers.

 The Isle of Wight Parish Registers Index
This site contains a list of the parish registers held by the I.W. Record Office. All the entries in these registers (from 1539 - 1900) have been recorded in a Personal Names Index. This is a card index that can be consulted in the Record Office's Search Room. The majority of the original registers have been microfilmed, and members of the public, who wish to consult the registers or print copies of actual entries, are advised to book a microfilm viewer or printer in advance.

 Parish of St Illogan - Cornwall
Parish Church Burial Ground Records (from 1895) These are not Burial Register entries - they are mainly based on the sextons' records of burial plots in St Illogan churchyard. Recording commenced when the churchyard was extended in 1895. There are no records of burial plot locations before this date. Some pages are very hard to read! Also Burials in Trevenson Churchyard commenced in 1880 when ground was acquired on the hillside east of the church. Before this date the Parish churchyard at Illogan was used.

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 Kea - Cornwall, Online Parish Clerks
Immediately to the South and South-west of Truro, the parish of Kea (pron: kee), is bounded on the east by the River Fal. It is named from the Irish Saint Kea who, it is supposed, after floating from Ireland on a boat-shaped granite boulder landed on the banks of the River Fal. It was near that supposed landing spot that the old Kea church was founded in 1270.

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 Kent Online Parish Clerks
We are a worldwide group of volunteers who endeavour to provide free information about a parish, its people and history, to assist family historians. Each Kent OPC has a mandate to collect, collate and compile reference material for parishes throughout the county in the form of transcripts, extracts, abstracts, and indexes of original source records.

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 The Lancashire Parish Register Society
If you are interested in helping to make accessible and preserve the parish registers of pre-1837 Lancashire and build a fine collection of volumes in the process then membership of the Lancashire Parish Register Society is for you. The Society was formed in 1898 and has published, at the time of writing, 179 volumes either in hardback or on microfiche. The publications contain substantial parts of the registers of over 100 parishes, printed fairly steadily since 1898.

 Lancashire Online Parish Clerks
Welcome to the Home Page for the OnLine Parish Clerks project for the County of Lancashire. This site aims to extract and preserve the records from the various parishes and to provide online access to that data, FREE of charge, along with other data of value to family and local historians conducting research in the County of Lancashire. An OnLine Parish Clerk should not be confused with Parish Clerks, who work for parish or town councils.

 Landulph Online Parish Clerks Pages
Welcome to the "office" of the Landulph Online Parish Clerk. I hope there is something here that will help you in your search for your Landulph ancestors. I'll be adding links and general information as time allows, and adding parish records as they are transcribed.

 Leicestershire Online Parish Clerks Pages
Online-Parish-Clerks (OPCs) are volunteers who collect, collate and transcribe records for a chosen specific parish in Leicestershire. The data originates from as many sources as can be accessed, including census, parish registers, cemetery records and parish histories. The emphasis is on genealogy and local history. However, it takes time to transcribe and accumulate material, so an OPC may not yet have full data for all these sources. (An OPC is a volunteer and should not be confused with the civil Parish Clerk appointed by a Parish Council).

 Lincolnshire Archives
Lincolnshire Archives is the public archive service for Lincolnshire. The Archives centre in Lincoln offers an accessible search room where you are welcome to look into the original records and library resources, whether for family history, local studies, academic research or official reasons.

 Lincolnshire Archival Collection: Parish Records
This list contains details of original records of parochial administration, including copies and transcripts of such records, and research notes about them. All the items present relate to the East Riding of Yorkshire unless otherwise stated. Only two other counties are represented: the West Riding of Yorkshire - namely Burn, Carlton and Penistone; and Lincolnshire - namely Barrow on Humber. Hull University Archives is not a recognised diocesan record office.

 Loxton Parish & School Registers
Transcribed and indexed by date and surname. Strays lists of individuals baptised, married or buried in the parish but from elsewhere are provided. The marriage registers give a list of witnesses. Both the baptism and marriage registers give details of occupations. More entries will be added as further data is transcribed and processed.

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 Mawgan in Meneage Online Parish Clarke
The parish of Mawgan Meneage is situated in the deanery and hundred of Kerrier. It is bounded to the north by the parish of Wendron, and the Helford Estuary, which separates it from Constantine. To the east lies St. Martin, to the south is Cury, and to the west is Gunwalloe. The parish contains 5,273 acres.

 Mayo County - Roman Catholic Parish records
Parish records do not all contain the same information - some list only the names of those directly involved in the event - some list the townlands or addresses of these people - some marriage records will list the names of the parents of those being married and the towland that they came from - while, then there are parish records that list only the names of the people inivolved in the event giving no indcation as to where they lived.

 Middlesex England Parish Records
The database you are about to access contains parish marriage records in Middlesex County, England between 1563 and 1895. The data came from books at the Gainesville (FL) University Library West, which were arranged by parish, and then by date, which was probably what you wanted to know because if you knew that you didn't need the books. When created, the task of simply copying the data as it was listed in the handwritten records and transferring it to print was monumental. It preserved the records until they could be transcribed into a useable format. I hope I have accomplished that goal and that the records can now easily be used.

 Mosterton and South Perrott
The objective of this web site is to bring together information relating to these parishes and the people who lived in them.

 Moville Parish Records 1850 - 1867
The Roman Catholic parish records are available from 1847. They can take some time to load, so please be patient. Please bear in mind that some errors may have been made in the transcription, and that the spelling of a name in 1850 may differ from todays spelling.

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 Nottingham Universiity - Abstracts of names of parish clerks, proctors and schoolteachers, 1730-1864
Persons with influence and responsibilities within the parish for the education of others, particularly parish clerks and schoolteachers, were, by law, required to make a declaration as to their loyalty to the King and to the Church of England and its canons before they could be licensed. This table extracts the names of nearly 60 such persons, as well as a number of proctors (ecclesiastical lawyers) who worked in the Archdeaconry court, from a book of declarations (AN/L 246/1) which each of them signed. Occasionally occupations are also noted.

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 Oxfordshire Record Office
Oxfordshire Record Office was one of the last to be given Diocesan Record Office status. In the 19th century the Bodleian Library had taken on looking after church records in the county, and this continued until its policy decision to withdraw from collecting purely local history in 1984. At this point the records were transferred to the Record Office, and are now part of the Oxfordshire History Centre.

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 Parish Records - Portland
Lots of useful records for the area.

 Parish Records - England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland: Parish Records
These databases are a collection of historical parish registers from the countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. More than 15 million names in this collection can range in date from the early 1500s to the mid- to late-1800s. Some non-parish records may be included from as early as the twelfth century. Parish records--primarily christenings, marriages, and burials--provide the best source of vital record information in the centuries before civil registration. The records include baptisms/christenings, burials, marriages, gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, tax lists, wills, and other miscellaneous types of records. Also included are some records from non-conformist churches. All of the data was converted as it was originally presented in various published registers and books. For this reason, you will find interesting phonetic spellings and large descriptive tables of contents.

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 Queenborough Birth & Baptism Records Parish Records
You Will find it all on this excellent site.

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 Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre
Scottish Borders Library Service is run by the Scottish Borders Council and exists to serve every member of the public living and working in the Scottish Borders. The network of public libraries, mobile library vans, school libraries, hospital library and Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre together provide a full range of information services.

 Scotlands People - Old Parish Registers
One of the largest online sources of original genealogical information. With almost 50 million records to access, The Site hopes your visit will be enjoyable and that you are successful in connecting generations.

 Transcription and Extracts Index - Somerset
Mainly Somerset records but a few Berkshire, Kent, Suffolk, Athens, & Singapore.

 Staffordshire Parish Registers Society
To raise more funds we need more members and we are making a special appeal for new members to support us in our work. The aim of the Society is to print volumes of registers as often as funds allow and we can find the skilled volunteers to do the transcibing. Each member receives a free copy of a register as soon as it is published.

 Surry County Council - Parish registers
Parish records from the Diocese of Guildford (which includes a small part of Hampshire) and from a large part of the Diocese of Southwark (all except the South London and Sutton section) are the responsibility of Surrey History Centre. To protect the original registers, searchers are normally required to use microfilms or transcripts when these are available. Print-out facilities are available. Short, specific queries can be answered by letter or e-mail. Before you visit, please contact us to confirm that the parish records you are interested in have been deposited, as they may be still at the parish.

 Somerset Online Parish Clerks
Somerset is a county in the south-west of England. Bordered by the counties of Bristol and Gloucestershire to the north, Wiltshire to the east, Dorset to the south-east, and Devon to the south-west; the county is also partly bounded to the north and west by the coast of the Bristol Channel. The county can be divided into three ecclesiastical jurisdictions, the Archdeaconries of Bath, Wells and Taunton. This website is the home of the Online Parish Clerks for the parishes within the archdeaconry of Taunton.

 The Parish of St Dominick - Cornwall
These pages will soon contain more free-to-view genealogical information for the Parish of St Dominick and will be updated frequently.

 Germoe, St Hilary, St Michael's Mount & Marazion Online Parish Clerks
he parish of St Hilary is surrounded by the parishes of St Erth, Breage, Germoe, Perranuthnoe and Ludgvan. To obtain the email address and/or website address for the above OPC's please click on Related Links above. There is a website for Breage information and St Erth information and these links can be found on my Links page. When the website is updated it will be announced on the Cornish List. All pages are functional, though some may not contain much information. Many records are now available online with more coming in the near future.

 Sussex Online Parish Clerks
The idea behind the scheme is to make freely available information and records relating to a parish in order to further research in family, local, social and economic history. Sussex, comprising two counties, East and West Sussex has around 324 parishes. If volunteers could be found to take on all these we could have all the parish registers and census transcribed for the whole of Sussex completed within a year or so - and what an amazing resource that would be!

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 UK Genealogy Archives
Various Parish data including Derbyshire, Cornwall,Herefordshire & Shropshire also available on CD.

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 Archifdy Sir y Fflint Holywell Parish Records
Records of Holywell parish, 1669-1997 (including Greenfield district), including registers, 1677-1997; service registers, 1909-1996; service records, 1871-1916; terriers, [c. 1750]-1973; glebe records, 1890-1975; income records, 1841-1957; churchwarden's records, 1715-1995; Parochial Church Council records, 1916-1992; records of church affairs, 1834-1996; records of church organisations, 1841-1940; vestry records, 1713-1905; overseer's records, 1734-1909; surveyor's accounts, 1827-1853; records of charities, 1669-1977; school records, 1847-1919; tithe records, 1703-1931; and miscellaneous, 1793-1983

 Church In Wales Records
Although Wales is often regarded as a predominantly Nonconformist country, the truth is that, well into the nineteenth century, only a minority of the population owed allegiance to any dissenting body, and even if a family withdrew from the Anglican Church and joined a Nonconformist congregation, it did not necessarily break all connection with the parish church. Nonconformist chapels, particularly in rural areas, were not always licensed for marriages, and often had no burial grounds.

 Llangynfelyn Parish Registers
The parish registers contain a record of all baptisms, marriages and burials performed in the parish church. Churches were first ordered to keep such records in 1538, but few survive from that date. The earliest for Llangynfelyn are the banns and marriages from 1754. Baptisms and burials are available from 1770. In addition there are some 'Bishop's Transcripts' (copies sent annually to the Bishop) dating from 1675. Note that it is only ceremonies performed in the parish church under the Established Church, i.e. The Church of England/Church in Wales, that are recorded. Those for non-Conformist or Catholics may not be recorded here.

 Tracing Your Ancestors in Warwickshire (excluding Birmingham
The information on sources available is shown parish by parish. These sources attempt to bring together in concise form the sources of information of use to the family historian whose family roots are in the county of Warwickshire, as it was prior to the major changes made in 1974 as a result of local government re-organisation (approximately 220 parishes). It does NOT include the parishes now incorporated into the City of Birmingham.

 Warwickshire Online Parish Clerks
If you are looking for research help click on the initial letter of the parish in which you are interested in the main table on this page (alternatively use your browser's search/find facility). The table is arranged strictly alphabetically. Little Packington is found among the Ls, not the Ps, and Bishops Itchington is amongst the Bs, etc. The only exception to this is Great and Little Wolford (which is one parish), which is among the Ws, as it it usually known as 'the Wolfords'.

 City of Westminster - Parish and Workhouse records
Parish records can be a rich source of information as they include apprenticeship indentures, school records, settlement papers, bastardy bonds, workhouse and charity records. These records can be a mine of information.

 West Penwith Resources
A new (Jan 2001) initiative that has started in Cornwall is the Online Parish Clerk. One person is encouraged from the CORNISH-L or CORNISH-GEN-L mailing list to be the custodian of historical records, including transcripts of registers, for each parish and will supply extracts to researchers as they need them. This person may be geographically distant from the parish, but their heart will be there. The volunteer for Sancreed is is Gwen Attridge and she welcomes contacts by e-mail. Also visit Sancreed OPC Website where you will find online trade directories, transcripts of baptisms, marriages and burials and lots of other information.

 Weymouth & Melcombe Regis
Contains Bishop's Transcripts for St Mary's,St Johns,Holy Trinity,Photos & Postcards, Directories,Wills and other useful records for the area.

 Wolverhampton Archives - Parish Registers
Until the mid18th century, it was usual for baptism, marriage, and burial entries to appear in the same register. There was no standard format and, whilst some clergy recorded occupations, ages and residences, the majority simply recorded names and dates. From 1st January 1813 baptisms and burials had to be recorded separately and printed registers were produced with a standard layout.

 Wilton Parish Records before 1800 - Norfolk
The Register for Wilton Parish is held by the Norfolk Record Office under the reference PD 311/17. As with the Hockwold Register, it is better to use the microfilm version, reference MF/RO 613/6.

 Wiltshire Online Parish Clerks Home page
Please note that the Wiltshire OPC scheme was only started in January 2004. It takes time to accumulate and transcribe material, and an OPC may not yet have full data for all these sources. There are about 327 parishes in Wiltshire. So far we have volunteers for 4 parishes. Therefore we are really keen for people to become involved to benefit all. If you would be interested in volunteering to help make these national records available to all or if you would like more information about being a OPC, and how to get your transcriptions online please vist the site for contavt information.

 Winterborne Parish Pages
Winterborne Came is a small rural parish in south Dorset. It is 2 miles south of Dorchester and 5 miles north of Weymouth. It is bordered by the parishes of Dorchester to the north (formerly Fordington), West Stafford and Whitcombe to the east, Bincombe to the south and Winterborne Herringston to the west. The land slopes from Conygar Hill at the northern boundary down to the Winterborne River and rises again to a height of 148m at at Came Wood on the southern edge of the parish.

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 Yetminster Onlin Parish Clerks
Yetminster is a parish 6 miles south of Sherborne. The church of St Andrew's is built in the perpendicular style, contains five bells and has a 300 year old faceless clock which which chimes the National anthem several times a day, the chimes were installed to celebrate Queen victoria's Jubilee. The village is situated on the River Wriggle and almost everything in the centre of the village is built from a plae yellowy local limestone.

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